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Experienced semarang driver

Get semarang cheap car rentals, experienced english speaking driver, know better the location of tourist in Semarang-Yogyakarta-Surakarta. Cheap because I'm not travel agency, this is my own (private) bussiness. Semarang car driver hire ATOK also as your semarang tour guide that will manage your trip plan with proffeisonal handling.

Also we serve semarang shore excursion from cruise ship that dock at semarang port for semarang  day tour or two days tour. We provide car according the number of tourists that we will take. We set up the car pretty comfortable, safe, and well air conditioned. We can take you in private car, Van (7-15 persons), or bus. You just tell your friends who in same cruise to take semarang tours with us in one Car/Van/Bus.

semarang driver ATOK
ATOK - Semarang driver

semarang driver ATOK
semarang driver ATOK
we provide car transportation services with driver (1 package) to take you to the tourist sites in Semarang and surrounding areas. Years of experience and also the experience of bringing foreign and domestic tourists will certainly make your primary consideration in determining who the driver will accompany you during travel or do business in Semarang and surrounding areas.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us "ATOK" to my email at : aswoto69 (at) gmail.com or direct call/Whatsapp to +6281329478187 to discuss your travel plans.

We have our own services for you also in Yogyakarta, click http://yogyadriver.blogspot.com/

semarang tour driver
semarang tour driver with DR Ksiram, USA

semarang tour guide review
semarang tour guide review

ATOK - tour driver
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semarang tour guide driver
semarang tour guide driver - review

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