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Semarang Tourism Spot

Semarang tourism attractions. Semarang has some interesting sights to visit. Good tourist attraction temples on higland, Holand colonial buildings attractions, coffe plantation, as well as the beautiful expanse of nature. Make your schedule to visit Semarang and you can hire us as semarang rent car with driver. 
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These attractions are:

1. Gedong Songo temple
Gedong Songo Temple on the slopes of Mount Unggaran, Darum ,Candi Village, Ambarawa district, Semarang regency and temple complex was built in the 9th century AD. Gedong Songo derived from the Javanese, "gedong" means house or building, "Songo" means nine. So the meaning of the word Gedongsongo is nine (groups of) buildings in nine terraces.
Location 9 temples scattered on the slopes of Mount Unggaran has beautiful natural scenery. Around the site there is also a neat pine forests and springs that contain sulfur. A light mist fell from the top of the mountain appeared frequently lead the eye can not see Gedongsongo temple from a distance. This temple has similarities with the Dieng temple complex in Wonosobo. The temple is situated at an altitude of about 1,200 m above sea level so the air temperature is quite cold here.
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One between 9 temples of Gedong Songo Temple complex
2. Fort Wilhem I, Ambarawa
Wilhem 1 Ambarawa fort, Semarang is one of the attractive tourist destination, with a beautiful structure is still solid, is to preserve. Viable asset to the history.
Ambarawa city is one of the districts in Semarang regency. Besides known as traffic congestion, the city is also known for having a significant history in Central Java. In the 1840s when the VOC rule in Central Java, Ambarawa a strategic axis point between Semarang and Surakarta. In the early 18th century, the VOC built a fort along the Semarang - Oenarang (now Unggaran) - Salatiga - Surakarta (Solo). This design is intended for the development of relations with the Kingdom of Mataram. Military camps were built in the cities, which is over, not least Ambarawa.

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Fort Wilhem I, Ambarawa

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Fort Wilhem I, Ambarawa

3. Fort Wilhem II, Ungaran
Willem II built the fort the Dutch government. Its history in 1755 - 1797 following the division of the kingdom of Mataram, a small fortress built between Semarang - Solo. It was in Unggaran diubangun Fort Outmoeting, namely the meeting to commemorate the historic meeting between Pakubuwono II with the Governor General Van Imhoff on May 11, 1746.

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Fort Willhem II, Ungaran
4. Lawang Sewu building
Lawang Sewu is a building in Semarang, Central Java, which is the office of the Nederlands-Indische Maatschappij Spoorweg (NIS) or Central Office Private Dutch Railway Company. Built on February 27, 1904 and completed in 1907. Located at the roundabout Tugu Muda formerly called Wilhelminaplein.
lawang sewu, semarang
Lawang Sewu building, Semarang
semarang driver guide ATOK
semarang driver guide ATOK
5. Klenteng Sam Poo Kong
Sam Po Kong temple complex consists of a number of platforms that great temple and caves Sam Po Kong, Tho Pagoda Tee Kong, and four places of worship (Kyai helmsman, Kayai Anchors, Earth and Mbah Kyai Kyai Cundrik Tumpeng). Large and cave temple is the most important buildings and is the center of all activities of the cult. Caves that have springs that never dry is believed to be that once occupied petilasan Sam Po Tay Djien (Zheng He).

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Sam Poo Kong
6. Gereja Blenduk
Church built in 1753 is one of the landmarks in the Old City of Semarang. Different from other buildings in the Old City, which generally enclose the street and not highlight the shape, the building is Neo-Classical style is actually performing contrast and easily recognizable.

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Gereja Blenduk, Semarang
7. Toko Oen
Toko “OEN” is one among of the oldest family-owned restaurants that is still being run and managed by the direct descendants of the founders. It was originally begun in around 1910 in Yogyakarta by mrs. Liem Gien Nio (Grandma Oen / (Dutch: “Oma Oen”), wife of mr. Oen Tjoen Hok (Grandpa Oen / Dutch: “Opa Oen”). The name has literal meaning of “Oen’s Cookies Store”.
In the history of the original Toko “OEN”, there were in total 4 (four) branches: Yogyakarta (1910-1937), Jakarta (1934-1973), Malang (1936-1990), and Semarang (1936-now). In the year 1922 this cookies store has undergone a transformation from just merely selling cookies to an ice cream parlour and later on the restaurant. The kitchen was based on the Dutch, Indonesian, and Chinese tastes and cuisine.Later on in 1934 branches were opened in Malang and Batavia (Now: Jakarta). In 1935, Grandpa Oen bought a building in Semarang from a Englishman who has had a grillroom in the venue. This building situated at 52nd Bodjong street (now: Jalan Pemuda). As from 1936 this building is transformed as Toko “OEN” Semarang. The original venue in Yogyakarta was then merged into one.

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Toko Oen,Semarang
8. Ambarawa Train Station Museum
Ambarawa since the days of the Dutch East Indies is a military area, so King Willem I want to build a Railway Station for easy transporting troops to go to Semarang. So on May 21, 1873 Ambarawa Railway Station was built with a land area of 127.500 m2.

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Ambarawa Train Station

9. Pagoda - Semarang
Buddhagaya Vihara Avalokitesvara Pagoda in Semarang Watugong a height of 45 meters, the pagoda was built on seven levels. In addition, two large gazebo looks flanking on the right side-left, which is used as a place of drums and bells, which became one of the traditional pagoda completeness. Pagoda Avalokitesvara is also referred to as the Pagoda or Pagoda Metakaruna Love Valentines because its existence to honor the figure of love and affection, which Sie Kwan Im Po Sat.

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Pagoda - a Chinese temple

semarang tourism
Pagoda - a Chinese temple

semarang tourism
Pagoda - a Chinese temple

10. Train Station "Tawang"
Semarang Tawang station is one of the oldest railway station in Indonesia, which serves to carry passengers for Semarang Tawang path toward responsibility (Grobogan). The station was inaugurated on June 1, 1914, and on 29 April 1911 was the laying of the first stone by the company that manages the Netherland Indies Spoorweg Maatschappij (NIS) with a building design of architect Sloth - Blauwboer. As the station is prepared to be a guest arrivals door, Tawang Station is designed as an elegant building with character building berlanggam Romanticism are popular in Europe at that time prepared for the celebration of 100 years of Dutch independence from Spain (Tentoonstelling).

semarang heritage building
Tawang Train Station - old photo

semarang heritage building
Tawang Train Station - new photo

semarang heritage building
semarang heritage building - semarang train station

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